Pidgin Zombie Process

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Jul 19 10:49:33 EDT 2017

Wade Smart wrote:
> Pidgin has a status of zombie with N/A on resident memory
> and shared memory. Im still using pidgin and havent noticed
> a problem but there are at least 100 different pidgin processes
> running. My OS is Ubuntu 16.04, Pidgin 2.10.12.
> What would cause this to happen and short of killing each one,
> what can I do?

If you *just* restarted or reconnected, this can happen.  They should
be reaped shortly.  (They're due to the DNS subsystem.)

If you're not reconnecting/restarting/etc. and you have this many,
that's probably due to some sort of slow accumulation and it's not
good.  If you're running any third party plugins, they may be causing

Either way, zombies aren't a big deal on a modern system.  The only
resource they're using is a process table entry.


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