Cant add groups anymore

David Woolley forums at
Sun Jul 2 08:43:01 EDT 2017

On 02/07/17 12:33, Paul Sacko wrote:
> Hello support team,

There is not support team.  This is a public, peer support, mailing list.

> I have new problem.
> I am not able to add a group in Pidgin, dunno why or what I can do.

Your actual problem is that you are not able to add a group on the 
instant messaging service you are using, but you haven't told us which 
service that is.

The problem will be either than they have changed their policy, and no 
longer allow users to add groups, or that they are using some 
proprietary access protocol that Pidgin, or a third party plugin for 
Pidgin, is trying to emulate, and they have changed that protocol in a 
way that breaks adding groups.

Getting a debug log may help answer some of these questions, but doesn't 
guarantee that anything can be done to work round the issue.

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