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Tue Dec 19 14:26:00 EST 2017

Hi Kamil,

What versions of Pidgin are you using on Win7/Lubuntu/WinXP?

Unfortunately, file transfers with XMPP are complicated and there are
several different methods that a file can be sent behind the scenes.
Pidgin will try to use the fastest method available, with a fallback to a
very slow, but reliable, file transfer method.

Things that you can configure to help ensure the fastest possible file
 * Use the latest version of Pidgin on all platforms
 * Set up a 'STUN server' in Tools->Preferences->Network->STUN server,
e.g.    and then make sure the "Use automatically detected
IP address" setting is enabled
 * Make sure the 'Enable automatic router port forwarding' setting is
enabled in Tools->Preferences->Network
 * Set up a jabber file transfer proxy on your jabber server, and then
change the config in Accounts->Manage Accounts->{Your XMPP
account}->Advanced, from the default of

If that still all doesn't help, then you'll need to supply a debug log from
Help->Debug Window as you attempt to send a file.


On 19 December 2017 at 17:27, Камил Вахитов <k.b.vakhitov at> wrote:

> Good day!
> I am Kamil. We hav e troubles with jabber and pidgin in our enterprise LAN.
> Fabula
> Jabber installed on virtual server.
> Client - your pidgin.
> Texting by users works good. We have no problem with that. Connection
> stable.
> But we have troubles with file transmissioning.
> If we send file from WinXP to WinXP - all OK.
> If send from Ubuntu (Lubuntu) to XP - OK. To Win 7 - OK.
> If from Win7 to anyone - speed is about 3kb/sec.
> So we can't understand reason of low transmission speed.
> On all clients we have default settings, we didn't changed anything. (Just
> settings on several computers, trying find solution for this trouble)
> With best regards.
> Excuse me fo my Engrish
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