Trouble with transmiision n pidgin

Камил Вахитов k.b.vakhitov at
Mon Dec 18 23:27:50 EST 2017

Good day!
I am Kamil. We hav e troubles with jabber and pidgin in our enterprise LAN.
Jabber installed on virtual server.
Client - your pidgin.

Texting by users works good. We have no problem with that. Connection
But we have troubles with file transmissioning.
If we send file from WinXP to WinXP - all OK.
If send from Ubuntu (Lubuntu) to XP - OK. To Win 7 - OK.
If from Win7 to anyone - speed is about 3kb/sec.

So we can't understand reason of low transmission speed.
On all clients we have default settings, we didn't changed anything. (Just
settings on several computers, trying find solution for this trouble)

With best regards.
Excuse me fo my Engrish
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