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On 12/14/2017 08:39, jimhbs85 at wrote:
> Hi,
> I use pidgin to IM my wife whom uses AIM. I used to use AIM also, but it
> was not loading, not working out, I do not remember. I created a new AOL
> account, and ran pidgin using it (?). So, I use the pidgin software, but
> login using my AOL account (no AOL software), and IM my wife, she is
> using AIM with AOL software. That AOL software has been flakey, but
> regardless...
> AOL AIM is going away.
> Is it as simple as she downloading pidgin as well, and we can use it to
> IM each other?
> I am sorry, I am confused as to how pidgin actually works. If you could
> explain simply how we could use it to IM each other. We do not use text
> during work, its kinda frowned upon.
> Thanks,
> JimL

AOL is turning off the AIM/AOL servers soon

2 options.

1. run your own IM server (Jabber?)

2. find a different service

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