pidgin to replace AIM

jimhbs85 at jimhbs85 at
Thu Dec 14 08:39:13 EST 2017


I use pidgin to IM my wife whom uses AIM. I used to use AIM also, but it 
was not loading, not working out, I do not remember. I created a new AOL 
account, and ran pidgin using it (?). So, I use the pidgin software, but 
login using my AOL account (no AOL software), and IM my wife, she is 
using AIM with AOL software. That AOL software has been flakey, but 

AOL AIM is going away.

Is it as simple as she downloading pidgin as well, and we can use it to 
IM each other?

I am sorry, I am confused as to how pidgin actually works. If you could 
explain simply how we could use it to IM each other. We do not use text 
during work, its kinda frowned upon.



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