Pidgin 3.0 + GTK 3 Theme CSS for font size

Behrooz Nobakht nobeh5 at
Tue May 31 08:16:10 EDT 2016

Hi there,

I use Piding 3.0 branch with SIPE plugin extensive for the famous reason of
integrating with MS Exchange in our work environment.

For my better eye sight and health in large monitors, I've been looking
around to find a way to use a modified
GTK 3 theme CSS for sizing the fonts in the chat windows. No luck, yet! I
am not an expert in GTK themes anyway.

I have also tried modifying ~/.purple/prefs.xml value of 'font_size' under
'conversations' section. No luck, either.

So, I am looking for pointers and help to be able to change the size of
font in the chat windows. Any chance somebody
have a way to do this?

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