why i cannot save any of my modification in Pidgin

Yong Chang yong.chang at oracle.com
Sun May 15 22:56:04 EDT 2016


Thanks for your reply, but in my pidgin plugin, I cannot see “ xmpp-ignore-groups plugin”

I checked your link, and downloaded the plugin package, but the file is  incompiled which cannot be used directly

What I can do to install the plugin?



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Depending on the protocol you're using, the server can override your buddy groups.  I've seen this most commonly with XMPP, for which there is an xmpp-ignore-groups plugin (listed on the https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/ThirdPartyPlugins page) that can override what the server forces on you, using a setting.





On 16 May 2016 at 13:31, Yong Chang <HYPERLINK "mailto:yong.chang at oracle.com" \nyong.chang at oracle.com> wrote:

Hi, Support


I did some modification in my pidgin, for example, remove a group, or move someone from one group to another, after that, everything looks fine, but once I logout and relogin pidgin, all my changes are lost. Did I miss anything? Or should I do something after modifying the pidgin?



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