GChat setup, login failure

Andrew Schwarzkopf adschwarzkopf at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 15:32:32 EDT 2016

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your response.

At that link, the second suggestion does not apply because I have not
enabled 2-factor authentication.

The first suggestion could work (I haven't tried it), but I am reluctant to
make my Google account "less secure" by allowing "less secure apps".  My
understanding is that apps that use OAuth2 authentication (as do the native
Google apps) will not get this error message.  Hence, I am asking whether
Pidgin natively supports OAuth2, or whether there is a plugin that enables
support for OAuth2.

For example, it seems that there is a blogging plugin (e.g. for Twitter)
that uses a form of OAuth.

If there is such a plugin for GChat, that would be ideal.

Thanks in advance for any further help you can provide!


On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 6:21 PM, Michael McConville <mmcco at mykolab.com>

> Andrew Schwarzkopf wrote:
> > I am attempting to use Pidgin as a chat client with GChat, instead of
> being
> > logged into gmail and using the browser popup.
> >
> > When I set it up as a Google Talk account and I try to Sign In with my
> > password, I get a sub-window saying:
> > "xxx at gmail.com/ disabled. Not Authorized"
> > (Actually, after setting up as Google Talk it appears to be automatically
> > changed to an XMPP account.  I assume this is not a problem.)
> >
> > I have read that Google Talk should (as of 2015) use OAuth2 for
> > authentication, rather than username/password.  Has this been implmented
> in
> > Pidgin?  Additionally, I am not sure if GChat and Google Talk are
> actually
> > the same thing.  Any help would be most welcome.
> They're the same thing, although Hangouts is different (uses a custom,
> proprietary, non-XMPP protocol).
> This should solve your problem:
> https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/Protocol%20Specific%20Questions#gtalk_2fa
> Let us know if it doesn't.
> Enjoy,
> Mike
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