PRotocols unification ? RE: New Yahoo messenger with Pidgin client

pidgin at pidgin at
Wed Jul 13 15:10:44 EDT 2016

On 13-07-2016 12:43, David BalaĹžic wrote:
> In light of this, does anyone know any group, organization, effort or anything toward unification of IM protocols?
> Having 5 (or even 10) different apps just to communicate with people is ridiculous.
> (multi-protocol clients like pidgin help, but the problem still remains)
> A quick google found just this old article from 2008:
> "Standardizing instant messaging protocols"
>  Instant messaging's growth hasn't been as robust as many expected

There is a standard, XMPP (aka Jabber).  Unfortunately, the companies consider going proprietary to be advantageous.  Even those that base their applications on XMPP add proprietary extensions to purposely be incompatible with everybody else.

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