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Tue Jul 12 21:16:18 EDT 2016

Going slightly off-topic, I would also like to see support for Trillian's IMPP (

On 12-07-2016 21:03, pidgin at wrote:
> Hi Eion,
> Allow me to present an opposing view.
> The new Yahoo protocol is atrocious, there is no disputing that.
> However, many people will continue to use it due to its integration with Yahoo mail.
> Everybody who uses Yahoo's web-mail gets the "new" messenger integrated with it, just like Facebook embeds its chat in its website.  I personally know several people that do not want to run a separate IM client when they have instant messaging capabilities, however crappy, inside their email.
> I believe that Pidgin should support the protocols that people use to communicate, regardless of how "good" they are, and the fact is that Yahoo Messenger will continue to hold a large user base even after the change.  Do not assume that the most vocal users represent the majority.
> Check out the reviews on (sort by newest)
> There are quite a few of 4 and 5-star reviews for the new version amid the outrage.
> I chose Pidgin in order to be able to tell the people I wish to communicate with that I can do so no matter what client or platform they use, without requiring them to make any changes.
> Consider the following scenario:
> Alice chats with Bob on YIM.
> After the switch, Alice tries to convince Bob to move to another protocol.
> However, Bob also chats with Catherine, Dave and Eve; Catherine also chats with Frank, Gwen and Hannah, Dave also chats with...
> Convincing all of them to move, or to use several clients, may not be feasible
> I vote for adding support, preferably before the August 5th deadline, if possible.
> Best regards,
> Alex.
> On 12-07-2016 16:02, Eion Robb wrote:
>> Hi Arulraj,
>> I've been looking over the new Yahoo but everyone seems to think it's
>> terrible, posting in their forums and user feedback pages about how
>> awful the new messenger is.
>> The new messenger is a completely new client and protocol with the
>> word "yahoo" slapped on it and it seems to have no connection to the
>> old messenger (new buddy list, no message interop, no message
>> formatting, other loss of functionality)
>> So my question is: is it worth it?
>> Should we be writing support for a protocol that noone wants when
>> users are leaving en masse?
>> Interested in your thoughts on the matter as most people I've heard
>> from about it are looking at alternative networks, rather than
>> sticking with Yahoo.
>> Cheers, Eion

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