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Tue Jul 12 21:03:52 EDT 2016

Hi Eion,

Allow me to present an opposing view.

The new Yahoo protocol is atrocious, there is no disputing that.
However, many people will continue to use it due to its integration with Yahoo mail.

Everybody who uses Yahoo's web-mail gets the "new" messenger integrated with it, just like Facebook embeds its chat in its website.  I personally know several people that do not want to run a separate IM client when they have instant messaging capabilities, however crappy, inside their email.

I believe that Pidgin should support the protocols that people use to communicate, regardless of how "good" they are, and the fact is that Yahoo Messenger will continue to hold a large user base even after the change.  Do not assume that the most vocal users represent the majority.

Check out the reviews on (sort by newest)
There are quite a few of 4 and 5-star reviews for the new version amid the outrage.

I chose Pidgin in order to be able to tell the people I wish to communicate with that I can do so no matter what client or platform they use, without requiring them to make any changes.

Consider the following scenario:
Alice chats with Bob on YIM.
After the switch, Alice tries to convince Bob to move to another protocol.
However, Bob also chats with Catherine, Dave and Eve; Catherine also chats with Frank, Gwen and Hannah, Dave also chats with...
Convincing all of them to move, or to use several clients, may not be feasible

I vote for adding support, preferably before the August 5th deadline, if possible.

Best regards,

On 12-07-2016 16:02, Eion Robb wrote:
> Hi Arulraj,
> I've been looking over the new Yahoo but everyone seems to think it's
> terrible, posting in their forums and user feedback pages about how
> awful the new messenger is.
> The new messenger is a completely new client and protocol with the
> word "yahoo" slapped on it and it seems to have no connection to the
> old messenger (new buddy list, no message interop, no message
> formatting, other loss of functionality)
> So my question is: is it worth it?
> Should we be writing support for a protocol that noone wants when
> users are leaving en masse?
> Interested in your thoughts on the matter as most people I've heard
> from about it are looking at alternative networks, rather than
> sticking with Yahoo.
> Cheers, Eion

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