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Ah, yes. That is it. I don't see a binary of this SQLite plugin. I don't
have a build environment set up but maybe I can figure that out.
On Sun, Jul 10, 2016, at 05:22 PM, Eion Robb wrote:
> If its your own resource that you don't want to see, then editing the
> "Local Alias" setting of the account is probably what you're after
> On 11 July 2016 at 10:53, David G. <lightman at> wrote:
>> __
>> Thanks.  I didn't know about that plug-in but it looks like it
>> probably has the options I need to adjust the appearance.  Part of
>> the problem is that it's unclear to an end-user which approach they
>> should be using.  The themes don's seem to be supported well and
>> that's confusing, with these other options to configure it.
>> I tried disabling "Close IMs" and that seems to prevent it from
>> creating a new file every time I close the window.  So, that might be
>> good enough but I may still want to check out the SQLite option.
>> Is there a way to adjust the layout/format of messages?  Right now
>> it's showing <timestamp> <user>/<resource>: <message>
>> I'd like to customize that and I don't really want to see the
>> resource, ever.
>> Thanks, again!
>> On Sun, Jul 10, 2016, at 01:58 PM, Eion Robb wrote:
>>> Hi David,
>>> Have you had any success with using the Pidgin GTK+ Theme Control
>>> plugin?  It allows you to specify fonts for a lot of things
>>> including the 'GTK+ Interface Font'.  You can find it in Tools-
>>> >Plugins.
>>> The logging one does require a programming change, although it does
>>> sound like you close messaging windows a lot if you've only got one
>>> message per conversation - changing the 'Close IMs immediately when
>>> the tab is closed' setting in Tools->Preferences->Conversations
>>> might help with that.  Alternatively you can use the SQLite Logging
>>> plugin which has an option to display in the 'View Log' window
>>> broken down by day, rather than by conversation.
>>> Cheers,
>>> Eion
>>> On 11 July 2016 at 08:50, David G. <lightman at> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm trying to change two things in Pidgin:
>>>> 1. The appearance of the text in the "buddy list" and conversation
>>>> windows.
>>>> 2. Change logging to combine all messages from a day into a single
>>>>    file,
>>>> instead of one per message.
>>>> #2 probably needs a programming change but please let me know your
>>>> thoughts.  Could a plug-in do it?
>>>> #1: This doesn't make sense to me:
>>>> A. The program has one option to change the font style but it
>>>>    defaults
>>>> to "theme" and yet there are  no themes that come with the program.
>>>> B: I tried creating a buddy theme per the wiki and it changes the
>>>>    buddy
>>>> list font but not the messages, even though there is a
>>>> "message_text"
>>>> field.
>>>> C: Meanwhile, the FAQ on changing the font has an entirely
>>>>    different
>>>> approach and doesn't even mention themes but as mentioned
>>>> above, the
>>>> default font is supposed to be based on a theme!
>>>> Can we get a default theme that works and demos what it can
>>>> actually do?
>>>> This is very confusing and the documentation is very mixed up.  The
>>>> example theme .xml would be nice if it had some parameters in
>>>> it, like
>>>> font size, family/name and colors.
>>>> Thanks!
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