David G. lightman at
Sun Jul 10 16:50:20 EDT 2016


I'm trying to change two things in Pidgin:

1. The appearance of the text in the "buddy list" and conversation
2. Change logging to combine all messages from a day into a single file,
instead of one per message.

#2 probably needs a programming change but please let me know your
thoughts.  Could a plug-in do it?

#1: This doesn't make sense to me:

A. The program has one option to change the font style but it defaults
to "theme" and yet there are  no themes that come with the program.

B: I tried creating a buddy theme per the wiki and it changes the buddy
list font but not the messages, even though there is a "message_text"

C: Meanwhile, the FAQ on changing the font has an entirely different
approach and doesn't even mention themes but as mentioned above, the
default font is supposed to be based on a theme!

Can we get a default theme that works and demos what it can actually do?
 This is very confusing and the documentation is very mixed up.  The
example theme .xml would be nice if it had some parameters in it, like
font size, family/name and colors.


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