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Hi Erica,

On Sun, 24 Jan 2016 13:11:27 -0500
Erica <erica at> wrote:

> So sorry!  I just clicked the link and jumped!  You are being very patient.


> I'm new to Windows 10, but not computers.
> Browser is Firefox.

OK. :-).

> Yes, I installed it.  Actually my son installed it.  I didn't know the 
> answers to some of the options.  He is IT guy for our business and my 
> computer.
> Yes I searched.  All I can find is the Installer, in downloads. I 
> searched in "all apps" too.
> I want to change from ICQ which we've used forever, because in Windows 
> 10 it shows available just because a computer is on, and our computers 
> are almost always on, but we aren't always on them.

I see.

> After writing this, I found it in program files and I just got it 
> going!  Thank you.  It recognized the two people I work with.  Do I 
> delete ICQ now?

You can either uninstall the official ICQ client, or you can keep it installed
on the computer and prevent it from running by default (I have no idea how to
do that though). 

Note that I maintain a list of some instant messaging clients (including
Pidgin) here:


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