Issues with Yahoo Messenger, reporting a new bug

Burgess, Tom (KCTCS) thomas.burgess at
Thu Sep 24 09:27:36 EDT 2015

Pidgin Support,

Please use this email to create an enhancement ticket as this is a new bug needing fixed.

Starting this week (on September 22) it seems Yahoo updated their Messenger product.  I use Pidgin, and my colleague use Yahoo Messenger client (

I can receive his messages, but he is not able to receive my reply messages.  I have three test scenarios below for you.

Using my yahoo ID and using Pidgin I can messages to other Yahoo ID where the other user is using Pidgin without any issues.  Pidgin to Pidgin using Yahoo ID seems to be working fine.

Looks like Yahoo has changed some type of protocol or buffer change with Yahoo Messenger client.

      Scenario 1 - colleague launches new IM message to me. I can see his note, but he cannot see my replies within this session that he launched initially.

      Scenario 2 - I launch new IM message session to him.  He can see my initial message, and then he can see my replies thereafter.

      Scenario 3 - my colleague (using YahooMsgr) launches a new IM to me.  I close the window.  Then open a new session to him, then he is able to see my reply and I can see his reply.

Each time, we closed the messenger window, but stayed connected within the respected IM clients (me-Pidgin, him-Yahoo Messenger), and I start the IM conversation, then he can see my replies and I can see his.

His Yahoo Messenger version is:
My Pidgin version is: Pidgin 2.10.11 (libpurple 2.10.11) e38a9aa5b1f8

Q: Can you have someone get this corrected, or have them send me some workaround to get this working?

- - Tom Burgess - KCTCS<> - Technology Solutions - 859-256-3228

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