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Marty Macfly mmacfly at
Mon Sep 21 07:21:40 EDT 2015

Hello Guys,

Before sending this email, I've tried to find a solution by myself but I'm
stuck. I've been through the mailing archive, lipurple documentation and
finally into the code.

What I've tried to do first was to send IM message through the dbus
interface to a SIP contact, I've used the python biding and it works well.
Second step was to do Chat through DBus and here start my problem.

In Finch, when I'm going on buddy open the context menu (CTRL+X) and select
"New chat", it's fine the chat is opening the buddy is invited and i can
add more people.

In finch, If I'm creating a chat through Finch "CTRL+O " => "Join Chat",
the chat open but nothing append

Through the Dbus interface i can create a chat like the "CTRL+O" with
"purple.PurpleConvChat" but i didn't find a way to do it like the "CTRL+X"
buddy method.

I've used D-Feet to explore the DBUS and found nothing. I've went through
the code of finch and i've found that the Context menu of a buddy is build
with generic information (call to "create_buddy_menu" in gntblist.c) and
some specific to the protocol (call to "append_proto_menu' in gntblist.c).

And I've been through the libpurple-sip code and found that
"append_proto_menu" is calling "sipe_backend_buddy_menu" in
./core/sipe-buddy.c. In this code i found there was  two different way to
create chat "CTRL+O" which is when we use a chat server and "CTRL+X" (call
to "sipe_purple_chat_info_defaults" in ./purple/purple-groupchat.c) which
is when we do a buddy chat (also call conference) which is call through
"sipe_purple_buddy_new_chat_cb" in ./purple/purple-buddy.c.

First, is my understanding right ? Second, is there a way to call the
plugin function through Dbus in the current state ? And finally how can i
do buddy chat through dbus or other command line method ?

Thanks for the time you will take to give me a reply,
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