Pigin not supported

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Tue Sep 8 16:07:18 EDT 2015

On 08/09/15 13:38, Temitope Onaolapo wrote:
> Please is there any update in this regard.

Yes, but they only replied to the list.

This is a peer support mailing list for the Pidgin, open source, 
multi-protocol, instant messaging client.  It has no access whatsoever 
to Oracle's instant messaging service and can only guess what protocol 
it uses.

You need to contact Oracle's IT department.  Please explain to them why 
you went to the wrong place.  Tell them that dozens more of their 
employees are going to the same wrong place, and ask them what they 
intend to do to avoid this in future, as it is giving Oracle a bad name.

> *From:*Temitope Onaolapo
> *Sent:* Wednesday, September 02, 2015 1:54 PM
> *To:* support at pidgin.im
> *Subject:* Pigin not supported
> Hello,
> Kindly assist me to rectify the below pigin error message, as I cannot
> log in my Pigin
> Error requesting https://api.screenname.aol.com/auth/clientLogin: Unable
> to connect to api.screenname.aol.com: SSL Connection Failed

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