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Dave Warren davew at
Tue Nov 24 21:26:13 EST 2015


In the "Network" tab, I'm using a STUN server of "" (which 
is also listed as an Example server), but the "Use automatically 
detected IP address" is "", which in addition to being 
wrong, is not even an internal IP here.

Further investigation shows that is now running a "Is 
this domain name yours? Click here to manage your domain." message, 
which makes me think it's no longer under control of someone intending 
to run a STUN server.

Changing to my own STUN server did, of course, resolve the problem. should be removed as both an example and the default, and 
either another default should be used, or users should be forced to 
enter their own (if needed) has a list of valid STUN servers 
(although it doesn't yet note that is out of service)

Dave Warren

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