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Jose Alemany jalemanyr at
Fri Nov 6 09:32:57 EST 2015



I am using Pidgin to chat on the gmail accounts. Just last month when a chat
started, I was receiving a popup notification on the mobile (android) and
the PC-Pidgin. Once I started chatting from one of the devices, the other
remained silence, which was a perfect way. 

However Just few days ago this behavior changed, when a chat starts both
devices keep showing notifications which is annoying no matter where you are

I also notice that if use the official Hangout website from gmail, the
behavior is as should be, only one device show notification which is the
current device from where you are typing. The other device remain silence.


I believe hangout changed something for which pidgin code is not updated. (I
am using the latest version available). I am willing to help and test any
beta version you may have.


Hope this will help to improve pidgin.






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