David Woolley forums at
Tue Aug 18 17:32:36 EDT 2015

On 18/08/15 20:35, Yngve Spjeld Landro wrote:
> gianfranco romero <gianf.rom at> skreiv Tue, 18 Aug 2015 10:57:23
> +0200
>     How can I get PIDGIN interface translated in italian? I've tried
>     several times but I couldn't get it. thanks for your kindly help.
>     bye gianfranco
> Have a look at the translation page
> <> at Transifex. It seems that
> Italian already is 85% translated.

I suspect he isn't asking how to contribute to the translation, but 
rather how to get it to use the existing translation.

If I remember correctly, translations are normally only offered for 
selection if they exceed a certain level of completeness, at least 
during the installation.  I think there is a way of forcing the use of 
incomplete translations, but being an EN-GB user, it isn't normally an 
issue for me.

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