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El día Tuesday, August 18, 2015 a las 08:55:30AM -0700, Richard Vickery escribió:

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> El día Tuesday, August 18, 2015 a las 07:40:51AM -0700, Richard Vickery escribió:
> > One of the great benefits of BlackBerry Messenger is that‎ you can notice that your contact is online and has read your message; else how do you really communicate?
> this is the same violation of privacy; and to answer your question: I
> send a msg/mail and wait for the answer;
> imagine tomorrow you will get a voice call, which you do not want to
> pick up for whatever reason, and the provider says to the caller: we let
> it ring and we know the person heared it, but the person did not wante
> to answer the call; is this what you want?
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> Matthias Apitz, ✉ guru at, ☎ +49-176-38902045
> No! Nein! ¡No! Όχι! -- Ευχαριστούμε!
> It's only my personal contacts that can ‎see whether I'm online, and crackers that care. If you want the anonymity you speak of, get rid of your computer or its Internet-connection components. Else your "privacy" is a farce; there is no such thing 

Your BB email app is as broken as it violates privacy. Look, it puts
your message below my signature which let your message appear as my
text. ¡Qie asco!

Your statement above about contacts/privacy is nonsense. Imagine your
boss calls (and is in your contacts) and the provider says to him: your
employee does not pick up the call. Do you want this?

Matthias Apitz, ✉ guru at,  ☎ +49-176-38902045
No! Nein! ¡No! Όχι! -- Ευχαριστούμε!

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