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Matthias Apitz guru at
Tue Aug 18 02:40:06 EDT 2015

El día Tuesday, August 18, 2015 a las 12:35:08AM +0430, Javid Java escribió:

> Hello
> I love your program
> You can add a telegram to the pidgin?

I do like pidgin too.

I want to make a warning against Telegram. It violates the privacy of
you in two matters:

1. It shows to the sender (with read confirmation) that you have read
the message of the sender. I contacted and they claim that
this is not a bug, but a feature. You can not disable this "feature".

2. It shows to at least all your contacts (I think even to everyone who
knows your mobile number) that you are "online" and you can not disable
this either.


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