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Mik Scheper pidgin at
Wed Nov 26 22:53:48 EST 2014

In an effort to curb bandwidth charges, I've been running nethogs 
<> lately, and was surprised by just how 
much bandwidth my Pidgin installation burns through. It's used up over 
12MB in the past hour, even though I've only exchanged a few chat 
strings with people.

I would expect overhead from status messages and keeping track of who's 
on and who's offline, but not that much! I have about a dozen different 
chat accounts using various protocols; it'd be interesting to know 
whether one's being a particular hog. Does anybody know of a plug-in to 
help with that, or have any experience with particular culprits (e.g. 
Facebook)? I know I can just activate and deactivate accounts and see 
what changes, but it'd be nice if there was a more convenient way.

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