Need to recover my pidgin pasword

David Woolley forums at
Tue Nov 25 02:58:27 EST 2014

On 25/11/14 01:29, SathishKumar Moorthy wrote:
> Hi Support,

There is no support contact centre for pidgin.  This is a self help 
mailing list for users.
> I have forget my password for my pidgin. I can recover my password
> through registered mail  but my mail also corrupted.

Pidgin is a client and doesn't need a password, except to pass on to the 
service that it is being used to access.  Any password you have lost is 
for that, so far un-named, service.  The special thing about Pidgin is 
it supports many services, both publicly and privately run, so we have 
no idea what that service is.


> Hence I can't get new password through mail. So I would request you to
> reset my password and update through thid mail id,

No-one on this list has your password, or at least the ability to reset 
it.  Only the service provider has that, you haven't told us who that 
is, and, in any case, no-one here will  have any control over them.

> my pidgin id is: bbsathish

This is of little use without the name of the service, and is only of 
use to the operators of that service.  All it tells us is that the 
protocol used, by the service, doesn't require an @ in user names.

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