problem compiling pidgin 2.10.10

Ethan Blanton elb at
Sun Nov 23 09:26:15 EST 2014

Matthias Apitz spake unto us the following wisdom:
> It works fine with a small change in the ./configure script:
> $ diff configure.orig configure
> 17455c17455
> <   GNT_LIBS="-lncursesw"
> ---
> >   GNT_LIBS="-lncursesw -ltinfow"
> Maybe it's an issue only with FreeBSD, or even with certain environments
> of FreeBSD. It is fine without this change on 11-CURRENT, while the
> above issue is with 10-ALPHA.
> I think, we can close this thread. Thanks for your help.

The above is something like what I expected from the googling I did.
If it is not a problem with current releases, I don't consider it too
critical; however, this is really something that our configure scripts
should have caught.  I'm glad you got it straightened out.


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