pidgin 2.1010 memory leak?

Vern Graner vern at
Thu Nov 20 11:09:08 EST 2014

Hi David!

Thanks for the pointer. I turned off the check box for my MSN account in 
pidgin, then restarted pidgin.exe. So far its no showing the slow climb 
of RAM usage I was used to seeing in task manager. Thanks! :)

So, now that we seem to have isolated the issue, is there a fix? I've 
tried searchs but some of the problem results I see are from years ago. 
I'm finding quite a few links in google that point to break/fix of 
pidgin from 2009 or so.  :P

Is there a search function for the mailing list I missed?


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On 11/20/2014 2:22 AM, David Woolley wrote:
> On 20/11/14 05:40, Vern Graner wrote:
>> What additional information can I provide o help diagnose this issue?
> The service you are trying to access.
> In particular, if it is MSN, look at the archives of this mailing 
> list.  Whilst any memory leak would be a bug, the MSN problem may be 
> an unusual cause.
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