I can not add friends

Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Thu Nov 20 09:15:38 EST 2014

Salvador Navarro spake unto us the following wisdom:
> But I cann't add a friend to an account. I do not get the authorization
> request at the destination friend. At the petitioner user I get Error: 404:
> The remote server not found. Subscription: No (Pending destination)
> Would appreciate any help as I would like to use Pidgin as a client.

Without more information it is very hard to tell, but this sounds like
a server (configuration?) problem (assuming that the user you're
adding really does exist and is an XMPP user).  This error indicates
that the OpenFire server was unable to contact the remote user's
server via the XMPP server-to-server protocol.  You might see this if
federation is turned off on the local server (I'm not sure), if
federation is turned off on the remote server, if there is a DNS SRV
resolution problem at the XMPP server, or if you have typo'd the
domain of the user's account.

If another client works that may (or may not) change the scenario.


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