pidgin 2.1010 memory leak?

Vern Graner vern at
Thu Nov 20 00:40:13 EST 2014

I have run pidgin for years but in the last couple of weeks I have 
noticed pidgin has started to lock up and when I check in task manager, 
it has climbed to 1.8 GIGs of RAM use! I can exit and restart it and 
watch it start to climb back up from about 25m to 45meg in only a matter 
of minutes. I leave my machine on 24/7 so the ram use is crazy high just 
when it sits overnight.

Other than a stock install, I am using Pidgin Encryption 3.1 and OTR 
4.0.0 plugins. I have tried disabling both of those and restarting. does 
not fix the issue.

I am running Windows 7 Pro, 64bit on a Dell Latitude with a core i7 
haswell and 16g of RAM.

What additional information can I provide o help diagnose this issue?


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