attivazione Pidgin

David Woolley forums at
Wed Nov 19 03:08:20 EST 2014

On 19/11/14 07:59, Giuseppe Rossato wrote:
> I have a problemwith Pidgin (emulation program WhatsApp for PC)

WhatsApp uses a third part plugin, so is not supported via this mailing 
list.  The only support information available on the Pidgin web site is 
a link to this, github, page: 

I believe there was a mailing list thread, here, about WhatsApp support 
two or three weeks ago, in which someone managed to trace through to 
some sort of support forum for it.

> It is no longer enabled.
> To enableI have a program (Wart) that by sending the phone number back
> to me a code that I have to send for confirmation and therefore I get
> the password to be entered in Pidgin.
> Wart now does not work, give me the answer I sent the check code on my
> phone number in the phone but in reality I do not receive anything.
> Whether that even Pidgin, being a service WhatsApp, wants you renew your
> annual fee of € 0.89?
> And if so, how can I renew the license fee from PC? Pidgin has no
> function to send money.

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