come rinnovare canone

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Wed Nov 19 00:19:35 EST 2014

Hi Giuseppe,

I don't speak Italian, so it's quite possible that I got you wrong.

As far as I know, there is no such thing as an activation code for
Pidgin. Neither do you need to pay for using it, nor do you need to
renew a subscription.

Does “uso Pidgin da circa un anno” mean that you are using a Pidgin
version that is one year old? Or does it mean that you want to use
Pidgin _for_ one year?

And what does “Wart” mean? I can't find this word in my dictionary.


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Wart non mi invia il codice per attivare pidgin (393395710044)

Pidgin per PC (Windows 7) Bisogna pagare un canone? (uso Pidgin da circa
un anno)

Grazie Giuseppe Rossato

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