I can not add friends

Salvador Navarro salvador.navarro at ono.com
Tue Nov 18 07:59:36 EST 2014


I have IM openfire as IM server and Pidgin as IM client (XMMP). Server and
clients PCs are Linux Debian and Ubuntu.

I created users in openfire.

When I create an account in pidgin that existing in openfire, it connects
properly. I see in the openfire server connected icon on the user.

I can create an new account on the server from pidgin and appears created
and connected.

I can create a conference with multiple users connected and working

But I cann't add a friend to an account. I do not get the authorization
request at the destination friend. At the petitioner user I get Error: 404:
The remote server not found. Subscription: No (Pending destination)

Would appreciate any help as I would like to use Pidgin as a client.

Thanks and regards


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