David Woolley forums at
Sat Nov 15 05:26:14 EST 2014

On 15/11/14 10:09, Thérèse LAPORTE wrote:

> I have got Pidgin 2.10.9. and 4 days ago it's impossible to have my
> contact list from my accounts msn and hotmail. They stay turn off and I
> can't active them. I tried to rmove them and move back them but without
> success. Please help me !

MSN is on borrowed time.  It has already passed several final close down 
dates, the last being the end of October.

Microsoft have withdrawn support for one of the 2008 versions of Windows 
Messenger.  Pidgin was pretending to be that as Microsoft would not 
authorise it in its own right.  2.10.11 (due out soon) should pretend to 
be the 2011 version.  2.10.9 is out of date and likely to have security 
problems that have since been fixed.

However, given that a number of end dates have been passed, Microsoft 
could well actually close down MSN with little or no further notice. 
The technical ability to use third party clients with MSN is unlikely to 
be consistent with their business model (e.g. third party clients can 
bypass advertising).

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