[solved] Re: perl plugin newbie question

Johnson Earls darkfoxprime at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 10:48:05 EST 2014

Hey folks,

I figured this out.  The plugin from which I copied the receiving-chat-msg callback
code had no idea what the parameters were actually supposed to be.

FWIW, the solution to changing the message flags in the receiving-chat-msg callback is:

sub receiving_chat_msg_cb {
     my ($account, $sender, $message, $conv, $flags) = @_;
         $flags |= ... ;
     $_[4] = $flags;
     return 0;

the flags can be found in libpurple/conversation.h in the pidgin source code.

- Johnson

Johnson Earls wrote:
> Hey folks,
> Please forgive me if this is not the proper place for plugin developer questions.
> I'm trying to write a the perl plugin to modify the flags of a message in the receiving-chat-msg signal handler.  I can't find any documentation or examples showing what the semantics of the @flags parameter to the receiving-chat-msg callback in perl are.  Can anyone explain how the parameter works and what the expected / allowable values are - or where to find this info in the docs or source?
> Thanks,
> -dfp

Johnson Earls
darkfoxprime at gmail.com

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