MSN stopped connecting after latest update

Tres Finocchiaro tres.finocchiaro at
Fri Nov 14 08:54:39 EST 2014

>  It is not (as far as we know) an attempt by Microsoft to shut Pidgin out.

Thanks for the clarification.

On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 8:45 AM, Ethan Blanton <elb at> wrote:

> Let's not just make stuff up.

For the record, this wasn't made up by me, I quoted the word "blacklist"
from the same link that David Woolley keeps replying with.

Until these things are spelled out by those developers that do know the
cause, the other 100,000 users are left reading links on mailing lists that
point to links on mailing lists.  Perhaps the community should work on
better communication when a major service begins to fail.

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