connection problems

David Woolley forums at
Fri Nov 14 08:10:52 EST 2014

On 14/11/14 13:04, nuovagrafica wrote:
> they are few days since I have updated the System with last windows
> updates that I have connession problems with pidgin, I updated it to new
> version and reinstalled the software but doesn't work it says in
> connection.... but it is not able to load contacts list, I have windows
> 8.1 64 bit, any solution? Thank you.

This is probably a problem with the server, almost certainly so if you 
are trying to use MSN.   Please see 
<>, but 
note that Pidgin has never been officially permitted as a client and MSN 
could finally close any day now.

If you are using MSN, your best options are either to move to a more 
open source friendly service, or install and use Microsoft's official 
Skype client.

Generally, if reporting a connection problem, you need to identify the 
service you are trying to use and provide content from the debug log.

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