Pidgin on Windows Server

Kevin Stange kevin at
Thu Nov 13 01:15:20 EST 2014

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On 11/12/2014 11:15 PM, Brian Henson wrote:
> You are correct, we are using bonjour.
> The server's firewall is disabled, everything on the network goes through a hardware firewall so the windows firewall is unnecessary.

Does the hardware firewall filter any traffic?  Is your server in the
same subnet as the other computers?

I am not sure of ports offhand, but I know that Bonjour uses UDP on at
least port 5353 with multicast addresses.  If Pidgin can't open ports on
the server or if the firewall (hardware or software) blocks the traffic,
it won't work.  It might be worth checking the Debug window (Help >
Debug Window)  to check for messages related to Bonjour problems.

I also haven't tried to use Bonjour on a Windows Server before.  Last
time I tried using it was under Windows XP.  I would have to defer to
someone else to give more advanced troubleshooting for Windows.


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