Pidgin not working today

Makoto makoto092 at
Wed Nov 12 18:47:40 EST 2014

On 11/12/2014 01:47 PM, Chris Garriss wrote:
> I think the real issue is that no one I have talked to today has been
> able to use msn, hotmail, etc. accounts that had been previously set up
> and working.  No, it is not Pidgin per se, and Pidgin is not the
> "carrier, but does anyone know of changes that MSFT might have made?  If
> I recall a few years ago MSFT made some changes and for a period of time
> you could not use any of the accounts using the Pidgin application -
> there were some incompatibilities.

After Microsoft acquired Skype, and tried to convert all of its MSN 
Messenger users to Skype accounts, everyone's ability to use MSN 
Messenger accounts with Pidgin just seems to stop working at a random 
point in time.
You -may- be able to 'fix' it by logging into those accounts with the 
official Skype client, then seeing if the accounts will work normally 
with Pidgin afterward.  No guarantees, unfortunately.

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