Pidgin on Windows Server

Kevin Stange kevin at
Wed Nov 12 01:37:35 EST 2014

On 11/11/2014 08:20 PM, Brian Henson wrote:
>  Wanted to ask about this again
>  because I never got a real answer.
>  I am trying to get Pidgin to work on a Windows Server
>  installation. The server is not multihomed.
>  When I run it, it appears to work, but does not display any
>  of the other users on the network. The server is on the same
>  subnet as the rest of the machines that are currently using
>  Pidgin.

I'm assuming by this description that you're trying to use Bonjour.
Windows Server generally enables the "advanced firewall" by default,
unless you specifically disable it.  Pidgin does not set up any rules.
You will need to allow Bonjour traffic on your local network or disable
the firewall if it's still enabled.  Bonjour will also only work for the
local subnet for a LAN where it can broadcast traffic.

If you're using another protocol, please elaborate.


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