Hello World, how to use bonjour

Alexandro Colorado jza at oooes.org
Sun Nov 2 21:13:08 EST 2014

Hi this is my first email to the list. I would love to become part of
the community.  I have used pidgin since the gaim days. I love the IM
but for some reason I never join the community. Time for that to
change. I would love to see some features on this IM but also would
like to get some info about special protocols.

Bonjour, SIMPLE and other lesser used protocols come to mind. And
would love to get more info on how to use them efficiently.

Start with Bonjour, AFAIK bonjour come from the zeroconf protocol and
uses services similar to Avahi. However I never fully understand it in
action and would like to test it with other laptops in my LAN.

I havent been able to find reliant information about how to use the
Bonjour protocol with pidgin and would love to get it working.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Alexandro Colorado
Apache OpenOffice Contributor
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