Virus and Malware city!!

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As others noted, the SF download page is an ad-fest, with misleading graphics (»download« button and similar).
Issues like this surface every few weeks (with different projects download pages).

Strange that in past they could have an ad free download page...

Here is what the users can do: the ads are served by google, they all have a blue eye-like icon in the top right corner (these days it shows the word »AdChoices« if you point on it with the mouse), which can be clicked and a google menu will appear, where is a »Report misleading ad« button.
Use that and the amount of bad ads will hopefully decrease.
Note: not all ads seem to have this icon. Also, google keeps changing their software, so the exact menu or page they show is.... well whatever they decide to put up. Once a while ago it took me days to find the complaint link.
Currently they show a page that looks like a general info page about their ad program (titled AdSense Help / About Google Ads), but at the bottom there is a feedback form:

Leave feedback on the website or ad you just saw

The issue(s) were with:
- The website
- the ads

Click »the ads« there and fill out the form...

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Thanks for someone noticing.

I found that I had probably bounced an Enter – or just glazed over trying to grab pidgin –
and was snagged by the FLV Mplayer virus - -I also caught the beginnings of the Conduit virus.

You might want to post this reference for other victims:

I followed that procedure carefully, even when it seemed kind of redundant,
and my machine is now virus free according to 3 different tools.
Now to somehow keep our IT Department from reformatting my machine – geezsh!

I don't see how any of this is related to Pidgin.
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