Virus and Malware city!!

David Woolley forums at
Wed Jul 23 03:34:18 EDT 2014

On 23/07/14 07:00, Taveira, Marcus wrote:

> I'd like to understand why I am in copy on these messages?

Because you voluntarily subscribed to the support mailing list.  Like 
most open source software, support is provided by other users (some of 
whom may be developers), so everyone has to see all the questions.  It 
is also  usual to reply publicly, so that others can correct or improve 
the replies, and so that people can find the answers in future.

> I have sent a support request once my pidgin does not accept the
> diacritics for Portuguese language, and I receive a reply that there is
> nothing to do with my enquire...

You didn't ask this.  You said you were having unspecified issues with 
them.  You still haven't supplied important information about your 

> Could you please focus on my question?

Unfortunately, if someone makes what appears to be an accusation of foul 
play, it is likely to get more attention in the community than one 
relating to a language for which few, if any, people are subscribed to 
the mailing list.

To anticipate a further question, you should have received instructions 
on how to unsubscribe when you subscribed, but, for reference, they are 
also included in the mail headers, as follows:

List-Unsubscribe: <>,
  <mailto:support-request at>

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