Virus and Malware city!!

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Sorry - right, the details of a Viral download could be helpful - 
it took me a while to piece it together - still not certain exactly what happened.
The issue is related to ads, which change, 
so I can't really get the same pages on a repetition.
CNet and Java demonstrate this draconian approach - 
I also feel bad about missing it - I let my guard down at Source Forge.

The paradigm of my "illness" begins with workflow psychology:
1: I click "Download", 
    and then I switch attention, expecting the download to take a while
2: Next, the network stalls [somewhere] for some reason
3: I "glance" back at the screen some time later, 
          and see zero progress, it's not yet on the browser status bar
    I see the expected: "If Download Fails to start then click ..."
    so I click the nearest "Download" button, [did I this time? I don't know],
    maybe click twice as it seems to not accept the first click, 
    - (I once caught some script playing that game)
4:Finally, a flurry of downloading starts, so I bounce to other work
5: Now a few other windows pop up, looking like install windows,
    and offer other software - see Sun/Oracle downloads -
    I attempt to steer through this - oddly still not alarmed, [my bad again]
6: However, If a bounced <Enter> or <click> gets in (see 3 above), the virus gets invited
7. I honestly don't recall adding any downloads, 
    but the pigin install was intermixed with these other windows -....
7. BUT, the point is that this has become a dangerous site
    one which deploys a framework which is exploited to launch a virus.

I'm not incensed and I somewhat understand how this can happen -
although there is definitely at least one bad guy there - 
I just want to avoid her/him/them for now.

The neighborhood was much nicer and safer before they put up the billboards - you know?
But, need the revenue, sigh...
-  Bill 
)O(  Bill Barrett
)O(  Qualcomm – Engineer, Sr Staff
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Hi Bill. It's still not clear to me what happened.

If indeed something (e.g. a malicious advertisement) redirected you from the SourceForge website to a malicious website then please inform SourceForge. With steps on how someone might reproduce the problem, if possible. Maybe a screenshot of the malicious ad, operating system and browser name and version, etc.

If this isn't what happened then please provide us with more information.
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