Virus and Malware city!!

Barrett, William (Bill) wbarrett at
Tue Jul 22 15:24:16 EDT 2014

The impact on Pidgin's kind volunteer team
is that they now have a repo which has become sneaky and undesirable.

I'm kind of old school, so I find this behavior reprehensible.
I've come to accept that ads are needed - and sometimes even helpful - 
however when the delivery mechanism is intrusive and/or destructive -
everybody loses.

I found the attack and understand it's not Pigin's doing, but ...
     a) I was exposed because I was attempting a normal acquisition of Pidgin
     b) The next guy might not notice how it arrived, and blame pidgin
     c) Source Forge needs to be aware they are endangering clients
            which is likely at odds with their charter of attracting clients 
So - I'd think that learning that your hard work is being eroded by SoureForge
is significantly " related to Pidgin" [as wondered below].

Sorry if I over ranted this,
-  Bill 
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On Tue, 22 Jul 2014, Daniel Atallah wrote:

> I don't see how any of this is related to Pidgin.

It's more related to the adverts he came across on the Sourceforge site, unfortunately.

-Dennis Carr

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