Using Pidgin text replacement file for several users via Dropbox

Doris Rush-Lopez doris.thecpapshop at
Mon Feb 24 16:21:34 EST 2014

Thanks for this great program, and thanks in advance for any help!

I had set up pidgin to work with the chat system we use at our office on
Windows 7 & 8 machines, with the dict file in a Dropbox. All was working
fine, since I set up symlinks to point to the Dropbox file.

Now, with the latest pidgin update on my machine, I cannot get pidgin to
find that file. Other machines in the office have not yet updated, and
their symlinks still work. I looked around to find out where the program
picks up the file, and it seems to be hard coded into the .purple folder,
yet when I delete the dict file from my .purple folder, it still picks up
the default dictionary from somewhere.

Any suggestions?

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