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Mon Feb 24 06:57:11 EST 2014

since 1,5 years i started using Pidgin , and i must admit it is a good product (used it with yahoo account)
but please, please a lot do something with the following:
1. for the main window of the program an option to change to a higher font (as  for the chat window)
2. integrate an plugin for displaying the track played in AIMP, Winamp and Foobar (the 3 most used audio players), along with others user-defined captions
3. I can't change an existing contact's name (that was defined in yahoo mess)
4. when a buddy that has yahoo, displays a clickable link on his status, I can't easy click on his status (must right click on the status, click on Get Info...and so on)

sure there are others problems, but this 4 are very annoying 4 me

Otherwise , the program is very nice, clean interface, light on consuming resources, and does what I expected to do.
Need no video chat in it, for that exists Skype.
Hope to integrate/repair  soon what I mentioned above and many others.
Wish you good luck and lot work power.
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