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Hi Ethan,

I'm not sure it did. This is a Dell from work. I had it working on my prior computer, but it does not seem to work on this one. My company does have a firewall, though I'm confused why I could access AIM on my older machine. Please let me know what you recommend?

My friend suggested the following, but I can't seem to access that link and I don't know the destination path on my computer. Please advise:

People experiencing the AIM certificate problem can save this file to Pidgin's ca-certs directory:

For me that's /usr/share/purple/ca-certs/

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Tomas Sidenfaden spake unto us the following wisdom:

> Thanks for getting back to me. The first error is "Server closed the

> connection" quickly followed by "Received Invalid data on connection

> with server". I am trying to log into my AOL messenger account through

> Pidgin.


> Does that help?

Yeah, it does.  That's not an SSL certificate error.  You probably have a firewall between you and the AIM servers that's causing a problem.  Has it ever worked on this computer?  If so, what changed when it stopped working?

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