Pidgin windows wrong numbar of new mail after restart computer.

Daniel Frunza daniel_frunza at
Mon Feb 10 06:49:22 EST 2014


I have Pidgin 2.10.9 (libpurple 2.10.9)  9438f4b2904d9574b9e6ffba463d354b3661139f
on my windows XP computer. When i start my computer in the morning, pidgin announce me an number of new e-mail on yahoo ( lets tell n ). In the next morning, pidgin announce an n+x number of new mail where x is the real number of new mails ( for example, yesterday was 49 an today are 50 BUT, in my inbox is ONLY 1 new mail ). During all day, when i received a new mail it notify me correct.
In the next morning, when i start the computer and pidgin, the number of mail is exact the number of yesterday first time announce + the new mails that is in may inbox. 

How can i debug the problem to offer more informations?

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