David Woolley forums at
Tue Feb 4 15:55:55 EST 2014

On 04/02/14 09:01, Mahesh Muchandi wrote:
> To use Gtalk, please let me know what has to be updated for protocal,
> username, domain, Resource under Basic tab and like wise under Advanced
> Tab connection security, connect port, connect server, file transfer
> proxies and BOSH URL. (found by googling 
"gtalk settings for pidgin").

I don't think anyone here can answer the questions about proxies, as 
they depend on your local environment.  In fact, if you have to use 
them, you probably need to talk to your IT manager, as they may be 
blocking gtalk.

One thing I would note is that gtalk's native clients are being end of 
lifed about now: 
  Although this says that third party clients can still be used, I would 
expect things to fall into disrepair.

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