XMPP no longer connecting?

Nick Canale nicholashcanale at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 2 08:39:12 EST 2014


I've used Pidgin for my facebook chat for months now. Up until very recently, it worked fine. All of a sudden facebook chat stops connecting. I removed my account and re-added it, also scoured the web looking for clues. Nothing I found has helped.

I ran the debug tool while trying to connection and lines of code that I thought might be helpful are below. 

(08:35:28) nss: partial certificate chain

(08:35:29) jabber: Got a result iq with id purplec4090bd0 from chat.facebook.com instead of expected username at chat.facebook.com!
Can you offer any assistance with trouble shooting this?

Thanks very much and I LOVE Pidgin!


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